Learning Scout FAQ

This FAQ is aimed at people learning about becoming a Scout (that is, referring models to us). We also have a FAQ for active Scouts.

scout.abbywinters.com is a resource for people who help us find new models for the abbywinters.com erotic site.

We’re abbywinters.com, for almost 20 years we have been making human-friendly porn.

Our site always needs new models to appear in shoots. 


We often get models ​referred by their friends, who have been models before. Register in Guild to formalise it, and make sure you’re paid for your efforts! (as a model, there are a few less hoops to jump through to get started, too!).

People we accept must:
  • Be female (as in, assigned female at birth);
  • Be attractive and feminine;
  • Speak English well;
  • Be height-weight proportionate;
  • Be genuinely enthusiastic about our project;
  • Not have breast implants.
The above are “hard” requirements. If candidates do not meet on them, we cannot work with them. However, some are subjective (meaning, opinions differ), and we tend to be pretty flexible. For example, we’re not only seeking people with an “ideal” dress size – a bit over or under is fine. How much precisely depends on several factors, but you should encourage candidates to apply so we can discuss it with them. We prefer people we work with:
  • Be 18 to 25 years old;
  • Have no, or minimal tattoos;
  • Have removable piercings;
  • Have full pubic hair;
  • Have underarm hair;
  • Have no previous experience adult modelling.
We can be flexible on some requirements, see the FAQ, How much “wiggle room” is there on the requirements? See our Rate Card example “ideal” models we have shot in the past. We’re also seeking real-life male-female couples for having-sex shoots. We’re flexible on the men we shoot, but the female partner needs to match on most of the above requirements. Real life female-female couples are also welcome, so long as they both match on our requirements above.

Because some people make assumptions of how models must look, here’s a list of things we’re fine with:

  • Vulva (“vagina”) of any shape, size or colouring
  • Of any race and ethnicity
  • Tan lines
  • Scars (exceptions may be made for severe facial scarring)
  • Freckles
  • Birthmarks
  • Neat fake nails
  • Mild to moderate stretch marks
  • Hairy armpits
  • Braces on teeth
  • Glasses
  • Having lots of pubic hair

In the natural course of your life, work or hobbies, you talk to young (18+) women who seem suitable for appearing on abbywinters.com.

You describe some of the benefits, listen to their concerns and address them, and if they are interested you give them a card.

Cards have our model recruitment web address and your referrer code. If your referred person likes what they see on our site, they apply.

On the application form, we ask how the model heard about us, and prompt her for the referral code on the card you gave her. if she’s lost the card or forgotten your name, we have several techniques to ensure your referral is credited.

Alternately, you can gather the info from the candidate, and submit the application form on her behalf (with her permission).

Before you start referring potential models, you complete some Getting Started tasks, one of which is to request we send you some “collateral” – in this case, cards.

When you receive our mission pack, you write down your five-digit referral code on each card.

When you meet potential models, you give them a card.

When they apply, we ask them for the number on that card, so we can assign you as her referrer.

ABOVE: Some of the collateral we may send. The lower two cards are interactive 🙂


When you meet a prospective model, you should pass them a card with your five-digit referrer ID on it, and advise them they’ll be asked to enter that number when they apply on www.femalephotofun.com.

If the model loses the card and does not recall your Referrer ID number, we ask her for the referrer’s name and / or email address. If she does not know that either, and she just enters “Some guy in a pub”, we have a series of steps we follow to engage her on the details. For example, the location, time of day, approximate date, how the referrer looked, what they claimed their relationship with us was.

Historically, this has worked well to identify the Referrer, but it’s seldom necessary – prospective models only make it to our model recruitment website by typing in our web address on the card!

ABOVE: The back-side of a referral card.

When a model declares her interest in nude modelling to you, encourage them to visit the www.femalephotofun.com site, read the info there, and fill out an Application.

If you are talking to a male-female couple, the process is similar, but the www.fucklikeyourebeingfilmed.com site is designed for them.

We’ll process their application in the next business day or two, and you’ll receive a notification by email and in Guild our model referral tracking app.

See the How it works page for a high level overview of this.

Here’s what happens when a model applies:

  • Their application details are securely recorded in our Models Database
  • We make an initial assessment of their application – do they basically seem to be right for us? (over 18, etc)
  • We ask them for some more information that they did not supply originally (for example, contextual images of their tattoos)
  • We ask them to complete an “informational questionnaire”
    • We provide some info around “posing levels”, payment, show the the Release contract they’d need to sign
    • We ask them questions about them (for example, about their pubic hair, eye colour, etc)
    • This info is again securely stored in our Models Database
  • We organise a 20-minute phone call (our expense), where we answer their questions, and ask a few more questions, and we take notes.
  • They take some selfie test shots, that meet our requirements
  • Now we have gathered a bunch of info about the model, we assess their suitability for our site
  • We let the model know our decision

Throughout this model onboarding process, our Guild system will automatically notify you (if you’re registered in Guild – button top right of this page).

Once we have made a decision to make a shoot of a model you referred, we’ll start working on actually booking the shoot. While we want this to happen as quickly as possible, 4 to 8 weeks is typical,usually due to models being slow to respond, and the availability of both the model and the Shoot Producer.

Once the shoot has occurred, you’ll be notified.


First up, we provide assistance, support and guidance promptly! 🙂

We also provide collateral, in the form of cards to hand to interested candidates. Over the last 20 years, we have tested many different types of cards, and settled on these as they communicate reliably about our brand, and pique candidates’ interest.

It’s not appropriate to leave piles of cards around, or to hand them out indiscriminately. We never want to target people under the age of 18, and we only want to target prospective models who meet our requirements, so the best approach is to have a conversation, and pass a card to people who seem genuinely interested and who appear to fit our criteria, with which you as a Scout will be familiar.

We have found that outgoing people who enjoy meeting others are ideal for this work.

Perhaps your job is ideal for this (work in a bar, at a gym or university)? We expect you to get the approval of your employer, however.

For each candidate that you refer and we make a shoot of, we pay you a referral fee of between €100 and €300. We pay more for models who meet more of the characteristics we describe above.

You can read more about the criteria of what makes a 3-, 4- and 5-assessed model on our Rate Card.

We’re a Dutch company so we pay in Euro. You can make a Google search such as “300 euro in US dollars” to see what that is in USD (or whatever your preferred currency is).

For your convenience, you can edit this search. Or maybe this search is more useful.

There are several problems you might encounter. Each of them are easy to avoid, however.

Potential problem Mitigation strategy
Concerned parents complain Only engage people you know to be over 18 (for example, in establishments that only 18+ old people are present), or are clearly over 18.

Consider asking a candidate’s age, before proceeding if unsure
Employer sanction Employers may not be comfortable with you using their time or place to promote our brand, and they may not be comfortable with our brand at all!

Our official policy is that you must ask your employer’s permission, if using time they are paying you for, and / or their establishment.
Harassment complaint No means no.

If a candidate expresses disinterest, immediately disengage and do not pursue.

We pay referrers more for referring models who are ideal for us – see above (“What are you seeking?”) for the attributes. See the Rate Card for more details on what constitutes a 3-, 4-, and 5-assessed model, and images of representative models.

5-assessed models pay the highest referral fee we offer.

You referral fee becomes due at the end of your referred model’s first shoot day (note, we only pay you a referral fee for models you refer, that we actually make a shoot of).

We’ll contact you in the week after the shoot, and let you know you can send us an invoice. Some Scouts choose to invoice us for a bunch of referral fees (eg, at the end of the month), which is fine as well.

When you send us an invoice that meets our requirements, we can pay by EFT (ideal for within the EU, but fine for other countries as well), or PayPal

Due to economic sanctions, we’re not able to make EFT payments into some countries like Russia and Ukraine, but we can work with you to find a solution.

Lots of ways!

  • We rely on our network of Scouts to refer models to us. If we did not pay Scouts, word would get around, and no one would want to scout for us!
  • We want you to be motivated to refer more models to us in the future – we’re in this for the long haul, at least another 20 years, and we want to build lasting relationships.
  • We’re an ethical company, who always pays its bills on time (in fact, we’ve never paid any invoice late in 20 years!).
  • When a model applies online, she’s asked how she found out about us. If she does not respond, or is vague, several people engage her on this over the course of the onboarding process, to ensure we find out. We record that information securely.

When a model is shot for the first time, we have a process we follow for all new models to have her set up in our systems, and, most importantly, to pay the referrer their fee. In 20 years of operation, we’ve never missed identifying the correct referrer, and paying them promptly.

Log in to our Guild web app, to see the status of referrals you have made.

We only pay you when a female model you refer actually makes a shoot with us. So, if you refer a model who applies but then is rejected by us, you do not get a referral fee (but, we’ll always let you know why a model was rejected).

We pay referral fees for females only. If you refer a male-female couple, we only pay one referral fee (that is, not a referral fee for each person in a male-female couple). If you refer a female-female couple, we would pay two referral fees.

If you refer a model who applies, then is unresponsive as the process moves forwards, we do not pay you until she actually makes a shoot with us. You can log in and see the status of models you have referred (if you have a personal relationship with the referred model, you could gently prompt her to proceed with her application).

If you refer a model who has already worked with us, you will not get a referral fee. A model would always let you know about this when you discuss it with them, however.

If you refer a model who was already referred by someone else, you may not get a referral fee – or, we’ll pay both referral fees (to you, and the other referrer), at our discretion, depending on the circumstances. Or we might split the referral fee.

If you refer a model who has already applied to work with us, but has not yet made a shoot for us, it’s unlikely you’d get a referral fee (unless, she had applied, was unresponsive for several months, and your “re-referral” caused her to finish her application and actually be able to be shot!).

Around 75% of model referrals are accepted (though unfortunately, that does not mean all those models make a shoot with us – some change their mind later after being accepted). The most common reasons for rejection include:
  • Candidate has tattoos we cannot “shoot around” on a shoot (note, we do not use Photoshop or makeup)
  • Candidate is over our acceptable age range
  • Candidate is overweight
To save time and effort on both your and our side, and to reduce how often we need to be “mean”, we prefer you do not refer models who will likely be rejected. However, if you sense a model may be “borderline”, it’s best to have her apply.


We do not cover any of your expenses, other than the cards we provide, described above in “What do you provide me to to help?”.


You can start right now. Register an account in Guild, then complete the tasks on the Get Started page. If you apply right now, you should be set up to start meeting and referring potential models to us tomorrow!

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