How it works

Find prospective models

Identify prospective models for our site. They must be female, 18 to 27ish, comfortable appearing nude on the internet, height-weight proportionate, healthy and happy (exactly who we’re seeking).

We’re also interested in male-female and female-female couples, so it’s appropriate to approach them as well.

How you find models is up to you – socially, through a business arrangement, via your work (check with your boss to make sure they’re ok with it first!), or maybe you’re an industry casting agent?  We do not pay any expenses you incur (this is a business-to-business relationship, not an employer-employee situation).

Refer prospective models to us

Chat with the prospective model or couple to get a sense of their interest in our project. Answer their basic questions (we have some tips, and some guidance on explaining the features / benefits). 

Consider browsing the Prospective models FAQ with them on your phone to help demonstrate we have nothing to hide and that we’re interested in models making informed decisions.

If they seem keen,  pass them a card (we provide a range of fun, interactive and attractive cards to use). Previously, you’ve written your ScoutID on the card. This directs the Applicant to our model recruitment site,

Check progress of referred models

When candidates apply on our website, we ask for the ScoutID on the card their Referrer – you – passed to them, so we can match their application with your work (and, if they forget).

We onboard the candidate, some questionnaires, a phone call, some test shots.

At any time, you can log in to our Guild portal and check the status of candidates you have referred. We’ll send you emailed notifications when models progress from one stage to the next.

Collect your payment for referring models to us!

From a model applying to being shot can take as long as 16 weeks, but 6 weeks is more common. We’d love it to be faster, but sometimes we’re waiting on the model to have time in her schedule to make a shoot with us.

Your referral fee (see our rate card) becomes due at the conclusion of the model’s first shoot with us.  We’ll notify you right after the shoot occurs.

You send us an invoice, and we pay it promptly. 

All images from our Laundromat girls shoot.