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Read our Models Charter

Our Models Charter details our commitment to models.’s approach to working with models is ethical, inclusive and engaging. We work to make “human friendly porn” that our customers love watching and our models love making, in a safe and fun environment.

Internally, we consider our Models Charter to be our “foundation” document, our principles of working with models. 

As you’ll be representing us to prospective models, you need to know what’s in here so you can share the good stuff with them, but also so you can be sure you’re behaving appropriately.

The Models Charter is hosted on, our recruitment site aimed at models.

Return signed Memorandum of Understanding

A Memorandum of Understanding expresses a “convergence of will” between us.

Another way of looking at it, the MOU indicates an intended common line of action. We do not use the MOU to imply a legal commitment. Instead, it’s a slightly more formal alternative to a “gentlemen’s agreement”.

Our MOU clearly outlines our expectations from you, and states the commitments we make to you (basically, you’ll be respectful towards prospective models, and honestly inform them; and that we’ll pay you when we make a shoot of a model you refer).

Let us know if you have questions before signing.

You need to send a signed version of the MOU to us before we can approve your account. A digitally signed version is acceptable. Please email to

Request colateral be sent

It’s helpful to give a prospective model something so she remembers to apply.

And importantly, so she remembers who referred her!

We have several types of cards we’ll send you for this purpose. Initially, we’ll send a range of what we have. When you need a topup, let us know what works best for you.

We have designed these cards to be engaging and they are proven to work, but if you have ideas for improvements, please let us know!

Read FAQ on FPF

The FAQ on our site is aimed at prospective models...

But it’s likely you’ll be asked these questions as well. is our model-recruitment site – all models we work with come to us through there.

In general, we prefer you let us talk to prospective models about these things – our staff are highly trained, and can pick up on nuances that you may miss (for example, when a prospective model asks one thing, but really means something else). And, it’s more work for you to deal with these questions.

But of course, prospective models are going to have questions, and if you cannot answer them, she may choose to not even apply! So, read the FAQ from top-to-bottom, and check it any time a model has a question you don’t know the answer to.

In fact, we recommend you make a Thing of visiting the FAQ with the potential model on your smartphone, and reading the answer together! Open displays of integrity like this help models feel comfortable with you, and by extension, us – and thus, more likely to apply.

If you’re asked questions that the FAQ does not cover, it’s super-important that you don’t guess the answer! While we’ll cover all the details with the model in the application process, things you tell models now will stick in their brain as it was their first encounter with us, which can cause problems later on.

Saying “I don’t know” is a proven sign of intelligence! Say that, and offer to ask us the question and have us contact her (we’ll also consider adding it to the FAQ for next time).

Chat with us about your planned recruitment methods

Let's get aligned

To ensure we’re on the same page, we need to trade some emails with you to discuss your planned model recruitment methods, and to answer any questions you have. 

If you already work with us as a model or Shoot Producer, this is not required (but we’re always open for chatting about your plans).

Your real name

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Your ScoutID

Your geographic location

Your plans for recruiting models with us

All images on this page from our shoot of Anthea and Sue-Ann in the park.

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