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This page is for models referring other models to us. As we have a pre-existing relationship, there’s less hurdles to clear.

We think you already know a lot about how we roll and what we stand for!  😄 However, please do read through this stuff so we’re sure to be on the same page. 

Re-read our Models Charter

Our Models Charter describes our commitments to models.

You (hopefully!) already know about our Models Charter. 

As you’ll be representing us to prospective models, you might need a refresher on what’s in here so you can share the good stuff with them.

Read our "Memorandum of Understanding"

A Memorandum of Understanding expresses a “convergence of will” between us.

We ask non-model referrers to read and sign this short agreement.

Our MOU clearly outlines our expectations from model referrers, and states the commitments we make to you

We do not require a signed version because you’re a model with us already, but please do read this agreement, and let us know if you have any questions.

(If you do wish to sign it, please email the signed version to

Request colateral be sent

It’s helpful to give a prospective model something so she remembers to apply.

And importantly, so she remembers who referred her! (that way, we’ll be sure to pay you your referral fee when it’s due).

We have several types of cards we’ll send you for this purpose. Initially, we’ll send a range of what we have. When you need a topup, let us know what works best for you.

We have designed these cards to be engaging and they are proven to work, but if you have ideas for improvements, please let us know!

Read FAQ on FPF

The FAQ on our site is aimed at prospective models...

But it’s likely you’ll be asked these questions as well. is our model-recruitment site – all models we work with come to us through there – you probably did too!

Sharing your experiences with us is highly encouraged – personal recommendations are always effective (and hey, if there’s something you were not happy about when working with us, please go straight to the top: let the Owner know,

But if a prospective model asks you a question you don’t know the answer to, the FAQ is the best place to find the answer.

In fact, we recommend you make Thing of visiting the FAQ with the potential model on your smartphone, and reading the answer together! Open displays of integrity like this help people feel more comfortable with you, and by extension, us – and thus, more likely to apply.

If you’re asked questions that the FAQ does not cover, it’s super-important that you don’t guess the answer! While we’ll cover all the details with the model in the application process, things you tell models now will stick in their brain as it was their first encounter with us, which can cause problems later on.

Saying “I don’t know” is a proven sign of intelligence! 🤓 Say that, and offer to ask us the question and have us contact her (we’ll also consider adding it to the FAQ for next time).

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