Active Scout FAQ’s

This FAQ is aimed at people who are registered in our system and are actively referring models to us. You can also read our Learning about becoming a Scout FAQ.

Prospective models will likely have many questions. In general, it’s best to answer them because a prospective model who feels they are listened to, has their concerns taken seriously, and understands what’s involved is more likely to apply. But, there are many subtleties and considerations that depend on circumstances, and you’re not qualified to address all of these, so it’s best to qualify answers with:
“I understand that they will…”
“It’s best to ask them, but generally…”.
The FAQ on our model recruitment site is the best resource for models and yourself (we built it over time based on questions models ask us over and over), but even better is that a prospective model applies and in the Info Session call, we can answer her questions. Where possible, work in our selling points (see below), as they are known to be relevant to models in general (however, every prospective model will have a slightly different set of concerns, so don’t assume every model has the same considerations).

The best response is simply:

They pay €300 to €750 per shoot day, depending on how revealing the model chooses to be, and how many models are involved in the shoot.

If they seek more details,

The lowest rate is Playboy style “tasteful nudes”, that is, nude but legs-together. Higher rates are paid for showing more intimate parts of your body, and higher still for giving and receiving oral sex with another woman – or having sex with your real life boyfriend.

If you’re meeting prospective models in a country that does not use the Euro, we’d prefer you still mention our Euro rates (because that is the currency we actually pay in), but add:

They’re a Dutch company so they pay in Euro, but in our currency, that’s about $x to $y.

We expect referrers to know roughly what their currency is compared to the Euro (while it changes a little daily, remembering the main factor (for example, multiplying by 1.1 is safe for converting to US Dollars).

Models will often ask about payment, once the range has been established – “How and when do I get my money?”

We’ve worked with thousands of models over the 20 years of our operation, and for every shoot each model has been paid promptly. We initiate payment the next business day after the shoot (for example, for a shoot on Friday, we’d pay on Monday. For a shoot on Wednesday, we’d pay on Thursday).

We typically pay by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), also known as a “wire”. During pre-production, we gather a model’s bank details. We do not pay in cash, PayPal, or any other method. Thus, the best response is:

They pay the next business day after the shoot, by EFT / wire.

We typically get a good reaction from these features and associated benefits.
Feature to keep in mindConsiderations to mention to prospective models
They pay travel and accomThey pay for flights and nice accommodation, if you need to travel for the shoot.
Been around for 20 yearsThey are well established, reliable, well known, good reputation. You can see video testimonials from models on their FPF site.
You select what kind of shoot to doAlone, with another girl you select, or with your real-life boyfriend (never a random stud). Choose to do several shoots, or just one.
You control what happens on a shootYou choose how revealing you pose. Get to wear your own clothes. You collaborate with Shoot Producer as an equal. Take breaks when you like. Change your mind at any time.
Fun to work withCompany is run by former models. Support is always available. Staff and Contractors make models feel part of the team, and create together. On-location shoots are always exciting and fun – and a little glamorous.
They ensure you look fantasticProfessional equipment, talented Photographers and Videographers (they call them “Shoot Producers”), and the wholesome thematic design of
You are paid fairly and reliablyThey pay more than most other companies. They always pay the agreed amount, on time.
Their site is not sleazyTheir customers are always respectful of the work models do.
They are always safe Safety is always first, with heavy camera equipment, hot lighting, but also STI tests, and clean working environments. Your data is always safe and secure.
Models love themWatch testimonial videos and read quotes on FPF.

The cost of living is different in different countries, and administering different model fees for each country in the world is administratively burdensome for us (and what if a Hungarian model – a country with a lower cost of living – does a shoot in the Netherlands (with a higher cost of living) – what rate is she paid? What if the Hungarian model lives in Amsterdam?).

So, we decide to pay model fees commensurate with countries with a high cost of living, and accept that models from countries with lower costs-of-living get more “benefit” from the money they earn than their fellow models in more expensive countries.

So, if a prospective model indicates our rates seem “too good to be true” (and thus assume there’s some kind of scam occuring), consider this approach:

“Well, they can probably pay you less if you’d prefer!” 😉

“They pay more than some producers partly because their shoots are complex and take a full day, but also because they believe models deserve to be well paid for their work and the associated exposure.

“But basically, it’s a Western European company that pays Western European rates.” operates legally, and works to be as ethical as possible. We never aim to recruit models under the age of 18, and we’d never make a shoot of a model under 18 (we require government-issued photographic ID as proof of age, which is viewed by several people on several occasions before a shoot occurs).

But, it’s not possible for a human to reliably tell the difference between a 17 year-old and an 18 year-old. We recommend recruiting prospective models in places where people are more-likely to be over 18 “by default” (for example, alcohol-licensed venues) to reduce this risk.

But if you realise during your interaction the prospective model is under 18, it’s ok – no crime has been committed! If the model is soon to turn 18, invite her to apply when she is 18. If that’s some time away, it’s best not to provide a card, and to apologise for wasting her time.

Generally, the more of our ideal requirements a particular candidate meets, the more valuable she is for our site (and, the higher referral fee we pay to you). However, there is some “wiggle room” in our list of requirements.

This information is intended as training and reference material for Model Scouts, and is not to be made available to prospective models word-for-word.

Assessments we make on models are based on many factors, but the most important ones are listed below.

Naturally female

Models must be cisgender (that is, assigned female at birth).

18 to 24 years old

The older a prospective model is, the more stringent our requirements, meaning (all other things being equal) a 28 year old model is more likely to be rejected than a 22 year old, and 38 year old model even more likely to be rejected.

That being said, we have shot plenty of 30 year-old models, and some 40 year old models.

Attractive and feminine

We’re not specifically seeking “classical beauty”. We’re comfortable making shoots of “regular” people (what some people call “Plain Janes”). This could be expressed as, we accept the top 80% of attractiveness (assuming they meet on our other requirements).

Genuinely enthusiastic about our project

Models who are enthusiastic are assessed higher (meaning a higher referral fee for you), and always make better shoots, so we place a high priority on models who are genuinely engaged in our product.

Models who are doing it “only for the money” and want to do the least-amount-of-work for the most-amount-of-money are not ideal for us (but we may choose to shoot them).

Have no tattoos

Tattoos are main reason models are rejected by us. Our product is shoots specifically of non-tattooed models. In some cases, we can “shoot around” tattoos (for example, a model with a tattoo on her ankle, we’d make a shoot of her with her socks on).

But, some tattoos cannot be hidden, for example, those on the thighs, chest, tummy, pubic region, or side. Unless the situation is obvious (eg, chest tattoo), you may not realise the model is tattooed. Instead of getting into a cataloguing discussion, it’s best to let us decide if a model’s tattoos are shoot-around-able or not (ie, a prospective model should still apply).

In general, fewer and smaller tattoos are preferred by us.


Models must appear healthy, and we’ll reject models who have apparent serious health problems (for example, evidence of significant injectable drug use). It is very rare we reject models for health reasons.

Height-weight proportionate

We use a BMI (Body Mass Index) chart to assess models suitability for our project (that is, considering their height and weight, are they “officially” in the healthy weight range?).

We accept moderately overweight (but not obese) and moderately underweight (but not malnourished) people.

Speak English well

Models need to read, understand and sign forms written in plain English, and be interviewed on-camera in spoken English.

Accented English is always fine, and searching for words sometimes is also fine. Essentially, the model needs to be able to hold a sustained casual conversation in English.

Have no (or, have removable) body piercings

While we prefer models with no body piercings, generally, moderate piercings are not a problem, so long as they can be removed for the 8 hours of a shoot. Earrings are always fine. We occasionally accept models with piercings that cannot be removed, if those models are ideal for us in other respects.

Have no body modifications (eg, breast implants)

A “nose job” is acceptable. Breast enlargements – even modest ones – are not acceptable to us. Breast reductions are acceptable.

Note that scars (for example from an injury, or self-harm) are never a problem for us, unless the model’s face is disfigured. Birthmarks, “port wine stains” freckles, and similar skin colourations are fine.

Of course, we do not prefer any race or skin colour (well, actually, we primarily get white models applying, we’d love to shoot more non-white people).

Have full pubic hair; underarm hair preferred

Full pubic and underarm hair hair is strongly preferred, but is not required. Completely bare, or trimmed pubic hair is fine.

No underarm hair is fine.

Have no previous experience adult modelling

Less experience is preferred, and no experience at all is most valuable to us.

A few sites a few times is usually fine, but models appearing on dozens of sites over the last five years are more likely to be rejected. However, the specific nature of those sites matters, so best to refer a model and let us determine her exposure and make a decision.

As described on our rate card page, we use model assessments internally to decide the priority of making shoots of a given model, and externally to inform referrers like you of what we’re seeking. Models we know our customers will really like are assessed higher, and accordingly attract a higher referral fee.

The initial assessment of a model is made once we have gathered info about the model (more info), but we may re-assess a model during the shoot-booking stage, or even directly after the shoot has occurred.

Assessments are rarely changed once made initially, but they can be if something comes to light that we did not know. For example, if a model was 5-assessed initially, but after her first shoot we learned she’s not comfortable speaking in the video – a key aspect of the videos we make – that model might be re-assessed to “3”. Similarly, if a model was 3-assessed initially, and it turns out she was particularly flexible, we might re-assess her as a 4.

As a Referrer, you’ll be paid the referral rate that was most recently made (though, the latest an assessment adjustment would affect you is after the model’s first Solo shoot).

We undertake to always be honest with our model assessments – what we show to Referrers is exactly the same as what we use internally (that is, you see what we see). We never deliberately lowly-assess a model just to pay lower referral fees – our goal is to acknowledge and encourage you to refer us the best possible models.

Yes, we provide several support opportunities in this regard.

  1. Discuss your pitch and approach in more abstract terms;
  2. Let someone on-staff who’s been a model, and works with models, act as a prospective model, and you role-play with them
  3. Practise your pitch on some experienced models on Skype, who’ll give feedback to us on your approach – we’ll pass that on to you, with commentary

Open a Support Ticket, and we’ll set a time for a Skype session.

See our Invoicing FAQ for the full details.

We run our company with many business processes, also known as “workflows”.

🐳 Fun fact, in 2015 we made an internal web app to manage these workflows called Chklsty. In mid-2018, we spun this out to a separate company, and now sell this software-as-a-service. Check it out!

As a prospective model moves through our onboarding process, there are several milestones. The more milestones a model passes, the more likely we are to make a shoot of her, and the sooner that shoot will occur. So, these workflow status can help indicate how likely and when you’ll receive your referral fee.

The Workflow Status appears in Guild, as an attribute of each model you have referred.

ABOVE: The interface panels and workflow status of three models in the system. Note, this is not real model data.

Guild interface panels

The Guild interface is split into three main panels, that indicate the “general”, broad status in our system of models you referred.

“Onboarding” panel

The model has been referred to us, and we’re learning more about each other, or even organising the first shoot. There are several sub-status’ that provides more specific info, defined below.

“Shot” panel

We have made a shoot of this model. Again, there are some sub-status’, see below.

“Unsuitable” panel

We have assessed this model as not being suitable for us (perhaps because she changed her mind, is uncontactable, or we assessed her and found her to be unsuitable for our needs). We sent you an email with more info, and you can ask us for more details if you wish – be sure to mention the model’s MDB ID.

Guild workflow status’


The model has applied, and been assigned to you as a referrer. By the next business day, we will be encouraging her to provide more information, and to complete a questionnaire.

Some models are rejected outright at this stage, if the images they have provided they are clearly not suitable for us (for example, tattoos, overweight). Thus a model may have a Workflow status of “Applied”, but an overall status of “Unsuitable”.

Completed questionnaire

The model has completed the “Basic Info Questionnaire”, where we share information about our posing levels, rates of pay, the nature of forms the model will be asked to sign when making a shoot, and some other administrative details. She’ll also have shared more biographical info about herself. This helps us understand and assess this model’s suitability for our project.

Once the questionnaire is completed, we ask the prospective model to book in for a voice call called the “Info Session”.

The questionnaire takes less than 15 minutes to complete, but when the model decides to complete it is at her discretion.

Completed Info Session

During the Info Session, we ask models some open-ended questions, around the reasons for choosing to do nude modelling, and what their expectations and concerns are. Then there’s an opportunity for them to ask questions of us. Our goal is always for models to be fully informed about what they’ll be doing. Our Model Liaisons record notes about their conversations with the prospective model in our MDB, and makes an assessment around their enthusiasm for our project.

At the end of the call, we ask if the model plans to proceed, and if she does, to send us some topless test shots.

The Info Session call itself is 15 to 20 minutes, but scheduling a time across time-zones can take weeks sometimes!


Once the model has sent the test shots, we have gathered all the information we need to make an assessment of this prospective model. Our Creative Director makes the assessment, on a 1-to-5 scale.

1: We will not make a shoot of this model.

2: We are very unlikely to make a shoot of this model, but we may (if we do, you will get the 3-assessed referral fee)

3: We plan to make a shoot of this model

4: Making a shoot of this model is especially valuable to the business

5: Making a shoot of this model is the highest priority for the business

For more details on what factors contribute to a model’s assessment, see the Rate Card.

Once the assessment is made, the number is shown to the referrer in the Guild app, so they can calculate their referral fee (per the Rate Card).

If the model is assessed as 1 or 2, you’re notified of the reasons why, to help you fine-tune your referee selections in the future.

Assessment typically happens in under one business day.

Completed Onboarding questionnaire

As the model has been assessed as 3, 4 or 5, we now need to gather more information about her so we can make a shoot. For example, her bank details for payment, her allergies and medications in case something happens on-set, a copy of her ID, and similar administrative details. The onboarding questionnaire is around 15 minutes work for the model, but it’s at the model’s discretion when she does it.

Once we have that info, the shoot booking process can begin.

While this is just a few calls with the model, for various reasons, this can be up to 8 weeks from the model being assessed. We do what we can to shorten that, but sometimes scheduling issues cannot be resolved in short timeframes.

Shot, referral fee due

The model has completed her first shoot with us, which means your referral fee is now due. You should send us an invoice, but be sure to include everything we need, so we can pay you swiftly.

Shot, referral fee paid

According to our records, we have paid you for referring this model.

ABOVE: Models referred and listed in Guild are represented as “Cards”. This is the card of one model.


The eight digit number (10012577) in the header of the card is our ID number for this model. It’s unambiguous and unique to this model. We use it to identify her throughout her lifecycle with us, and if you have a question about a model, always mention this number (models can use many different names, and some models can have the same name – MDB ID is always unique).

Application Date

The date we show the model applied to work with us. Compare with “Last successful contact”. Included to help Referrers understand the velocity with which this model is moving through the onboarding process.


The age the model says she is. Not always correct 🙄. This verified towards the end of the onboarding process, when we ask the model for her ID. Included to help Referrers connect this data with the person they referred (due to privacy laws, we are not able to include images or real names).

Last successful contact

Each time we reach out to a model, we log a note on her record. When she responds to the message we sent, we add another note and flag it as a “successful contact”. We use this information to decide when we should attempt to contact a model again to remind her to continue on her application.

As a referrer, this is a cue on how likely it is we’ll be making a shoot of this model. The closer the date to today, the more responsive the model is, and the more likely we’ll be making a shoot – and you’ll be getting a referral fee.


The geographic location we understand this model to be. Sometimes, this reads as something like //US, meaning we have not yet established the city or state, only the country. Over time, this tends to get more accurate as we learn more about the model.

Included to help Referrers connect this data with the person they referred.

Site name

The name this model is published under on the site. We always use pseudonyms for models. This is assigned in the weeks before the model’s first shoot. When assigned, it will show as a link, but may lead to a 404 page if the shoot of this model is not yet released on our site.

Included to help Referrers connect this data with the person they referred.

Workflow status

See this FAQ for details.


See this FAQ for details, “Assessed” section.

When a model declares her interest in nude modelling to you, encourage them to visit the site, read the info there, and fill out an Application.

If you are talking to a male-female couple, the process is similar, but the site is designed for them.

We’ll process their application in the next business day or two, and you’ll receive a notification by email and in Guild our model referral tracking app.

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