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We formed the abbywinters.com site back in the year 2000 in Australia.

Back then, porn made with amateur models always dressed them up and directed them to behave like porn stars (and to a large degree, this is still the standard approach).

But our vision was to highlight the very amateur-ness of our newbie models. We delight in the shy, the awkward, and the less-than-polished. Our models ooze sexiness simply by being themselves, not by performing a prescribed idea of what it means to be sexy.

So we set about making shoots that customers liked, and over time we realised there was another opportunity to differentiate that also felt natural to us: let’s treat models with respect, inform them about the benefits and risks, pay them well, involve them in the process of making erotica, and have a lasting relationship with them.

The two concepts merged, and making human-friendly porn has never been so good! We’re now based in the Netherlands, and employ a crew of experts around the world to continue making the best erotic material.

Almost all day-to-day decisions in the company are made by female models-turned-employees.

ABOVE: Behind the scenes shot of model Petria in the cane fields, Far North Queensland, Australia.
ABOVE: Shoot assistant with model Verity and model Yellena. Melbourne, Australia.

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Our femalephotofun.com site is aimed at prospective models. We clearly explain what we’re offering, openly discuss common concerns applicants have - check out the FAQ.


We communicate with our existing models with similar clarity on models.abbywinters.com, and send out a monthly newsletter.

Looking for Shoot Producers

We’re looking for Shoot Producers, to make the shoots we release on the site. Our training is open-sourced, and you’re welcome to check it out on learn.abbywinters.com.

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