Earn €100 to €300 per model referral that we shoot

Be your own boss, set your work times, and integrate a new income stream into your life with ease.

abbywinters.com BV  brings fresh faces in erotic shoots to its worldwide audience of paid site members. We thrive on a constant flow of new models.

The best way to find new models is individually, in person. So we work with scouts who encounter potential models in their everyday lives and who refer them to us (in exchange for referral fees).

How being a model scout works

Scouts identify potential models, and approach them to provide information about us. If the prospect shows interest, the Scout passes along a card, which helps the model follow up.

The card contains the Scout’s referral code, and when models apply, they’re asked to give the code so that the scout can be paid the proper referral fee when the model participates in a shoot. Scouts can transparently monitor online the progress of prospects they’ve referred — no black box.

Why be a model scout with us?

Being a model scout with us has several advantages.

Great earnings!

Earn €100 to €300 for each female model you refer, that we shoot.

Reliable tracking

Our tools and processes ensure every referral you make is tracked and allocated to you. No chance of missing out!

Easily integrate into your life

Perhaps you meet 18 to 27 year old women in a context that is appropriate to invite them to apply to work with us?

Minimal effort

If you’re already social and chatty, there’s very little effort required.


We offer online support with worldwide coverage, and we’re never more than a phone call away.

Appealing collateral

We’ll send you proven tools to encourage candidates you identify to apply.

Easy sell

Our brand is well known and widely respected. We’re at the forefront of ethical porn production. Feedback from models is positive. We pay models well, and pay for their flights and accommodation.

Established company

We’ve been around for 18 years. We’re well established and well-respected in the industry.

get ready to refer

Read our Models Charter

We're a world-leader in working with models. This document describes our commitments to working with models (and the commitments we expect from models).

Take the quiz

The quiz asks questions based on your understanding of what we're seeking. You'll need to have read the resources on these pages first. (coming soon)

Register a Scout account

Registering a scout account only takes a minute, then you can return the Memorandum of Understanding, and start referring models.

About us

We formed the abbywinters.com site back in the year 2000 in Australia. Back then, porn made with amateur models always dressed them up and directed them to behave like porn stars (and to a large degree, this is still the standard approach).

But our vision was to highlight the very amateur-ness of our newbie models. We delight in the shy, the awkward, and the less-than-polished. Our models ooze sexiness simply by being themselves, not by performing a prescribed idea of what it means to be sexy.

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